Like party tricks, everyone has their own when using an Onahole

Like party tricks, everyone has their own when using an Onahole

Examples of different Onahole products

  • Meiki Onahole: Meiki in Japanese Mobile hookup apps means gorgeous. So, a Meiki Onahole is simply a superb quality masturbator from Japan that seeks to give you a taste of sexy Japanese ladies. Most models are based on famous Japanese porn stars and gorgeous OLs (office ladies).
  • Torsos: Probably the closest you’ll ever get to a full-body sex doll, torsos are an ideal choice, especially if storage is a problem for you. They are small in size, lightweight, and very realistic for sensations. A regular torso packs a pair of breasts, two holes, and a thick ass. Pretty close. Isn’t it?
  • Full Body Onahole: Though pretty similar, a full-body Onahole is an upgrade to torsos. To start with, they carry more detail in design and are more realistic. Moreover, you get an upgrade in terms of capabilities, which translates to more fun.

Tips When Buying An Onahole

  • Feel and stimulation. Masturbators have varying degrees of stimulation, with some being on the extreme side, while others are a little less extreme. Depending on the amount of tightness and stimulation you’re looking for, you can choose the ideal Onahole masturbator. Always consider feel and stimulation when buying one.
  • Price. Prices range from as low as $20 to several hundreds of dollars, so considering your budget is a good thing before you buy. Are you able to spend a few more dollars for a premium Onahole, or are you looking for just a budget product? These are the things to consider.
  • Looks and Design. Do you want the realistic Onahole models or the anime lovers’ version? Depending on your taste and preference, the design of your Onahole can vary accordingly. Make sure your choice reflects your style.
  • Size and weight. Are you a regular traveler whose hardly at home? Do you live with a relative or have friends that visit you regularly? Do you want to keep your Onahole relationship a secret? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you might consider buying a lighter and smaller version of the Onahole masturbator.
  • The number of holes. Are you interested in a single hole, or are you looking for one with two holes? Do you want an oral model, anal model, or vaginal model? Please consider what you want before ordering.

How To Use An Onahole

However, there are basic steps that bring us together as Onahole enthusiasts. And these steps make it easy to enjoy masturbation and get the best out of the Onahole.

Firstly, prepare the Onahole to make sure it’s ready for you. Start by heating it with a sleeve warmer or warm water to ensure that it’s at the right temperature.

This Onahole Warmer will do the job in as little as five minutes, and it also has a long cord and more points of warmth. Just slide it in and keep on checking after 30 seconds until you ascertain it’s at the right temperature.

Finally, make sure you have your favorite lube within your arm’s reach. A high-quality water-based lube augments the experience and lifts off the stress from your Onahole to enhance longevity.

You find many lotions on the market, but my favorites are Excellent Lotion and Natsuha Pussy Juice . Apply lube on the Onahole’s entrance and your penis, and don’t be afraid to reapply in between masturbation.

Important: Read the manufacturer’s manual. Using the toy correctly ensures maximum stimulation and, most importantly, reduces the chances of an accident.

Now that you’re all set, make yourself comfortable. Some privacy and a cool music playlist will do the trick here. In addition, some people enjoy masturbating to porn, which is perfectly okay.