4. “Losing crazy about a competition”

4. “Losing crazy about a competition”

Correct or Incorrect: When you are filming in school, Sheng Zhe (Zhang Hang) runs into Yo yo, a keen eight-year-dated girl trying to getting away from a potential slide. He with his classmate need this lady back in order to this lady reckless father Shi Yi Jie (Jiang Chang Hui), a teacher which prioritizes performs more than hanging out with his girl. However, Sheng Zhe’s ending up in Yo Yo’s dad cannot prevent indeed there, given that Shi Yi Jie looks like being a replacement professor to possess among Sheng Zhe’s categories. Nonetheless busy that have really works, the fresh new professor uses Sheng Zhe due to the fact an effective nanny, in which he facilitate Yi Jie become more working in Yo Yo’s lifetime. But the additional time they purchase along with her, more Yi Jie knows that the guy never alive without Sheng Zhe. “Best otherwise Completely wrong” focuses primarily on a taboo relationship anywhere between a student and professor with a fairly higher ages pit. For people who do not brain although, Yo Yo’s sandwich plot from developing children once again was cardiovascular system-warming.

Crossing brand new Line: Which event consists of a couple lovers: an alternative pupil exactly who becomes employed because of the volleyball cluster you to definitely a senior pupil is courses, and two-step brothers who happen to be really intimate but hesitant when it comes to informing each other the feelings. “Crossing the newest Range” effortlessly utilizes sporting events due to the fact a background of your close patch range of the two lovers, and it stays a cute facts regarding a few lovers that simply you desire a little push obtaining along with her.

step three. “Deep blue and you will Moonlight”

People who have saw “HIStory” ond Lee who’s got directed attacks on anthology crisis, however, in place of “Background,” “Dark blue and you can Moonlight” is an entire collection and centers around brand new love tale regarding Hai Qing (Aric Chen) and you may Yan Fei (Ting Yun Wang). In the “Dark blue and you may Moon,” Hai Qing would like to go after paint much so you can their father’s disdain. Whenever you are struggling to realize their fantasies, he works out meeting and you can next saving Yan Fei of drowning within a pool. They instantaneously hook but beat connection with both. Regarding the whole collection, Hai Qing and you can Yan Fei almost satisfy once more, although time never ever works out slightly right. The newest ending for this drama can come off as polarizing due to the fact the latest finish does not tie everything up. However, there are even special attacks you to happen a bit just after the brand new finale.

“Falling in love with a competitor” (also known as “Counterattack”) portrays Wu Suo Wei (Feng Jian Yu)is the reason payback facing their ex boyfriend-partner https://datingranking.net/foot-fetish-dating/, Yue Yue. After getting together having 7 many years, Yue Yue places Wu Suo Wei thought she will be able to fare better. Getting his ex-spouse having several other son (Chi Cheng), Suo Wei shows up to your idea of seducing Chi Cheng to make certain that he dumps Yue Yue and in the end hurts the woman. Without a doubt, Chi Cheng have a greater liking into the men than just people and you can takes Suo Wei because of the treat as he doesn’t have reservations regarding the crossing the fresh new line. The fresh new drama uses an usually comedic tone that have multiple from were unsuccessful plans and you will twists future Suo Wei’s method.

5. “Want to Our Young people: The guy Falls in love with Him”

In this drama, Xiao Durante (Lin Yu Pin) starts to matter if or not her sweetheart Xin Yu (Yorke Sunlight) are cheat on her and their elderly Pin Jia. It does not help which he could have been pretending doubtful, and that Pin Jia (Lyla Lin) always seems to be up to your. Immediately following following the Xin Yu, Xiao En sees him having a person and you will faces him from the the relationship. Unexpectedly, it doesn’t focus on the developing attitude out of Xin Yu and you will Wei Jia (Li Deyn), but alternatively they depicts the process of Xiao En finding out and you will taking the end of their like. For those in search of a series that centers on yet another direction, this would be an effective initiate.